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Application Launcher v2

applauncherWe have released a free version of our Application Launcher v2 program for Microsoft Windows on May 30th, 2013.

This application will allow you to launch many applications in the order you specify.  This was originally designed to allow us to have the same applications opened in the same order every time we start our computers up so that our productivity wasn’t hindered by having to search through the task bar icons to find the window we were looking for.  This version uses an XML file to save its settings to.  It also has an auto-start feature which allows the application to start launching the specified programs as soon as it is opened, this allows a shortcut to be placed in the Start Up folder and it will run all your applications as soon as Windows is started.


  • Auto-start on launch
  • Add, edit, and insert any executable program
  • Ability to start specified programs as minimized applications
  • Ability to specify amount of time, in seconds, between launching of each application.
  • All settings saved to an XML file that can easily be edited and shared between multiple computers.

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