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We have released our free version of our Open Door texting application for Android on September 23rd, 2011.

This application allows you to set a phone number and message to send using your Android devices SMS service. It takes the information you supply and allows you to send the message by clicking a button. This allows you to send a consistent message to the same person every time.

We believe this application will be useful to those people that need to send a message to the same number at regular intervals. An example of it’s use would be if you are in charge of getting lunch for your team and have your hands full with the food and are needing to have someone open a door for you to be able to return to the office. Now you can use this application to send the message “I am here, please open the door.” to one of your co-workers before you load up with food.

Another example would be using the application to send a message to someone that you rendezvous with at the same spot every day. Just enter the persons number in the settings and a message stating “I am at our regular meeting spot.” and then you can send the message with just a click of a button without needing to type it in every day.

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