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Aquarium Scheduler Android App

Due to a computer crash which lead to a loss of code, the original Aquarium Scheduler was retired and we had to re-release it as Aquarium Scheduler Free. We have released this new version for Android on October 6th, 2013.

This application allows you to set a reminder for the various tasks associated with the care of a fish tank and it’s occupants.  You can set a reminder for feeding the fish, changing the water in the tank, changing the filters in the tank, and adding medicine to the tank when needed.  These reminders can be set to go off at a specific time in a given amount of days.  So you could set a feeding reminder to go off everyday at 12pm or every 3 days at 4am and then set a separate reminder for the other tasks that you need to be reminded of.

This is a free version that only allows you to set up a single reminder for each task.  We are working on making a premium version that allows you to have multiple tank profiles and custom notification sounds for each reminder.  Please stay tuned to this site for information on when that will be released.


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